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At $735K, Buckhead midcentury modern is pricey diamond in the rough

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Dwelling built in 1957, designed by son of first architecture dean at Georgia Tech

Even from afar, one thing is clear with this 1957 Buckhead midcentury modern: It’s got potential.

Listed at $735,000 (ouch), this four-bedroom, four-bathroom dwelling was designed by Henry Howard Smith — son and partner of Francis Palmer Smith (the first dean of architecture at Georgia Tech).

The listing boasts of it as a "renovators dream house with fabulous bones!!" That’s two exclamation points, folks, and judging by the photos, both earned.

The home sits on a half-acre yard with stone patios, surrounded by hardwoods.

Also worth noting: the sunroom on the main floor, 11-foot ceilings with exposed beams, and that old midcentury modern standby: the wall of windows.

Gorgeous place with lots of potential, but will the prospective homebuyer be willing to shell out 34 of a million bucks for it? Let's hope that price quiets any talk of a teardown here.