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Atlanta Beltline Partnership kicks off membership drive, offering a bike, diminutive door

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Those who chip in have chance to win bicycle, custom Tiny Door, or spot in Lantern Parade

Looks like the Beltline (or at least its fundraising arm, the Atlanta Beltline Partnership) isn't waiting around for TSPLOST funding — they're getting creative. Like, Tiny Doors creative.

With the support of Midtown marketing agency Nebo, ABP just kicked off the 2016 Atlanta Beltline Partnership Member Drive, which aims to raise private funds and community support to help the Beltline project.

And, there’s prizes!

Those who chip in have the opportunity to win a custom-commissioned Tiny Door from local artist Karen Anderson, a Mantra fixed-gear bike from Mountain High Outfitters, or the opportunity to help lead the 2017 Atlanta Beltline Lantern Parade with Krewe of the Grateful Gluttons. That's pretty creative.

Membership packages begin at $45 and can be purchased via the campaign website.

"The Atlanta Beltline cannot thrive without the support of its local community," said Rob Brawner, ABP executive director. "By joining as a member, Atlanta Beltline users and fans have the opportunity to impact and connect our great city physically, culturally, and economically."

As a reminder, ABP works to rake in private, corporate, and philanthropic support for the Beltline and "enable the project by raising funds, engaging the public and users, and empowering residents living in the 45 (Beltline) neighborhoods."

They're also the group behind the "Light the Line" initiative to fund lighting along the Eastside Trail. According to that project's website, only $100,000+ has been raised of the $1.1 million needed — nearly 10 months after it launched.