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Exclusive: Midtown’s iconic peach-topped building could be SCAD dorm

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Source: the long-abandoned eyesore is an option for student housing

Every day, hundreds-of-thousands of cars traverse the Interstate 85 corridor in the heart of the city, passing by the towering Midtown and downtown skylines.

One building in particular, just north of where Interstates 75 and 85 wed to form The Connector, catches many drivers’ eyes, for better or worse. Topped by a giant peach structure and covered in a 10-story advertisement, the long-abandoned midcentury tower is a relic of the real estate bust around the Great Recession.

Sitting atop three stories of parking, the building originally housed offices, and was part of the way through a condo conversion when the owner stopped work sometime after 2005.

Despite being abandoned for over a decade, the building could soon finally have tenants — and even live up to its pre-recession potential as residential accommodations.

According to a source, the Savannah College of Art and Design — whose Atlanta campus sits across the street — could potentially be eyeing the building for new dormitory space.

While work in May on the building turned out to be no more than a cell tower replacement, our tipster indicates the school has gone so far as to engage design services for the building.

Still, according to property records, SCAD is not the owner of the building yet, meaning the proposal could be nothing more than a pie-in-the-sky desire.

But it would be nice to see this prominent building finally be something more than a big billboard on Peachtree Street.