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How Atlanta Braves’ new stadium, SunTrust Park, looks right now

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It’s just 6 months before opening day in Cobb County

A look at the Atlanta Braves SunTrust Park outside Atlanta.
The pre-grass field of play.
Photos: Jonathan Phillips, Curbed Atlanta

In recent weeks, visitors to these hallowed webpages have toured the rising Atlanta Falcons new stadium, seen glimpses of what the Hawks revamped arena will look like in 2018, and paid homage to Turner Field as Hank Aaron tossed the ceremonial last pitch there.

So it’s only fair that we swing out to Cobb County and see how the Atlanta Braves’ future environs are shaping up. Especially since opening day is merely six months away now.

Recent developments from this Braves new frontier include the announcement of a year-round Terrapin “brew lab” at The Battery, a large mixed-use piece adjacent to the ballpark. Renderings of the reincarnated Chop House promise a rather awesome viewing experience. And to finally, completely eradicate traffic issues, the Braves have pushed back start times a half-hour for weekday games to 7:30 p.m.

So, without further ado, have a gander at these images from a couple of weeks ago:

The bird’s-eye view.
Shot from Heritage Court, construction continues on SunTrust Park’s mixed-use component, The Battery.
The crest for SunTrust Park (at left) can be seen from Windy Ridge Parkway as construction continues on the stadium.
The classic brick and archways almost echo Turner Field.
The view from Circle 75 and Windy Ridge parkways.

The following images of The Battery and ballpark come via this vertigo-inducing drone footage released by the Braves last week:

Images: YouTube
There’s the Chop House 2.0.

SunTrust Park

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