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In Buckhead, $1.8M modern compound called ‘work of art’

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4,700 square feet of minimalist heaven

The subject of magazine pieces and TV commercials, this contemporary compound in Buckhead is marketed as "a work of art," "unusual," and an example of "timeless architecture," though in places it screams early-aughts Atlanta modern, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Built in 2000, this airy minimalist utopia occupies a wooded acre on upscale Mount Paran Road, off Interstate 75 near Vinnings. Records indicate it’s only changed hands once before, selling in 2009 for $1.5 million even.

Inside, the sheer openness is awe-inspiring, and the vast expanses of glass, white walls, and concrete are punctuated by the most exquisitely audacious home furnishings this side of Beetlejuice. Traditionalists are sure to be appalled.

Despite having 4,700 square feet, the property’s listing agent stresses that expansions are more than possible with so much land and a full unfinished basement beckoning for a media room or wine seller. How it manages just three bedroom and three and 12 bathrooms seems perplexing until that cavernous great room is taken into account. The backyard pool looks righteous, and relatively unshaded by Atlanta standards.

So, in short, $1.8 million buys what’s either an artful, stucco-clad statement piece or cold purgatory of pretension. It’s not for everybody.