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East Lake new-build undergoes immediate $180K price reduction

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21 percent discount in a matter of hours

Maybe it was a typo. Or maybe this house suddenly realized it wasn’t technically in the City of Decatur (it’s a few blocks south of the Oakhurst line).

In any case, this spacious five-bedroom new-build just endured the most sudden, extreme price-slice in recent memory.

Touting “every upgrade imaginable” and almost 4,000 square feet, this traditional-style East Lake residence listed Saturday at the highly ambitious $869,900. Achieving that price would have pushed up the East Lake benchmark of recent sales by almost $150,000.

So, by Sunday, the listing price had been chainsawed by $180,000. It now stands at $689,900, which is much more in line with comps.

Moving on from Discountageddon, we find a home that echoes much of the big-Craftsman tactics made popular across the city in recent years. Perks include 10-foot ceilings on the main level, a few inventive ceilings for pizzaz, top-notch bathroom finishes, and a choice of three porches that includes a nifty screened one.

Its predecessor on this lot sold in April 2015 for $153,000.