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Westside Atlanta policing initiative puts officers in houses

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Project transformed formerly vacant block in Vine City for five officers and families

One block of James P. Brawley Drive in the heart of Vine City, mostly vacant and blighted for the last decade, has five deserving new residents in time for the holidays

According to the group Westside on the Rise, five Atlanta police officers and their families have settled in to their new homes on the Westside after six months of work to transform the vacant lots.

The homes were constructed as part of the Secure Neighborhood effort by the Atlanta Police Foundation. With their neighbors, the new residents will help create a system of community policing in Vine City. Project leaders say the officers will serve as community liaisons, bringing their patrol cars home, attending neighborhood meetings, and becoming allies for positive growth on the Westside.

The project was made possible as part of a grant from the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, which has engaged in neighborhood investment since the beginning of construction on the nearby Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Look for similar projects to transform more blocks throughout the neighborhood in the coming years, officials say.

Here’s the block before:

And after: