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In north Atlanta ‘burbs, this immense ‘modern masterpiece’ wants $3.8M

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When a climate-controlled garage for 10+ cars is imperative

This being America, it’s time to “live the lifestyle you deserve in this modern masterpiece,” the listing agent assures us, by ponying up $3.8 million for an immense Johns Creek estate that could double as a dated suburban mall. With a carpeted tiki level.

Spanning nearly 13,700 square feet, with one cavernous room after another, this place was built of steel, concrete, stucco, and more glass than the Georgia Aquarium in 1994, and it still radiates that era like a Gerardo single or Blind Melon riff.

In the right hands, could it be updated into something spectacular for 2017?

It’d be a big job, but positives do abound across these four-plus acres, beginning with the tropical landscape, pool zone, custom copper doors, and “exquisite architectural details” that include a fairly marvelous spiral staircase that could not have been cheap. Also, the climate-controlled garage offers enough space for 10-plus cars, which puzzlingly doubles the number of bedrooms.

Significant hurdles between 1994 and now include the purple furniture and carpeting, ceiling cloudscapes, beachy wall murals, built-in mirrored cabinetry with dolphins, and dazzling but wastefully humongous aspects like the atrium.

“This home is truly (one) of the finest residences you will find,” we’re told, and maybe that’d be true after a fortune’s worth of renovations. Which might be a stretch, when property taxes alone are nearly $2,000 monthly.

Georgia Aquarium

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