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1890s Inman Park Victorian is $875K fixer-upper

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That price buys the left half

For the house scouts of Atlanta who regard the old manses of Inman Park as real estate nirvana, this unusual listing with an intriguing backstory could satisfy—at least partly.

Back in the 1890s, a few years after Inman Park emerged as Atlanta’s first planned community and one of America’s first “garden suburbs,” this Druid Circle duplex was built as separate residences for sisters.

Now, the left-side unit listed the day before Thanksgiving for $875,000, brandishing what the listing describes as a “mix of Victorian charm and contemporary style,” with a dash of glass blocks, parquet flooring, and green carpeting.

Located near Springvale Park in the leafy bosom of IP, around the corner from Krog Street Market, the property could be a rather spacious (3,100+ square feet and four bedrooms) entree into the neighborhood that looks totally livable—for buyers who don’t mind the shared-wall life.

Thanks to a towering brick wall, the New Orleans-inspired gardens seem legitimately private, with a four-car garage that boasts storage space above. There’s a trifecta of outdoor lounging options, including a double-stack of adorable porches, but demanding buyers hoping for a more turnkey option in this pricing echelon (with a kitchen from this century, at least) might be discouraged.