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Cabbagetown’s lone house for sale isn’t selling

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1940s cottage undergoes rare C-town price reduction this week

Right now, Cabbagetown is experiencing one of those real estate dearths in which only one standalone house is up for grabs. We spotted the same phenomenon last year in this tight-knit, quirky, and obviously desirable community that’s no stranger to bidding wars.

On the bright side for buyers, these current conditions mark a 100-percent jump over those times when no Cabbagetown houses are for sale.

Here on Savannah Street, this cozy two-bedroom cottage from the 1940s has lingered on the market for about 40 days, and though its the only option for home purchasing in C-town (and a thoroughly restored one at that), it just endured a $15,000 price reduction this week.

So what’s up?

The usual Cabbagetown Achilles heel — street parking — shouldn’t apply, because a driveway is coming soon, once construction commences next door, per the listing. Other plusses: The Walk Score clocks in at a “very walkable” 77. And the rather gigantic deck consumes a great deal of the backyard but provides for gated storage beneath.

Could it be that fussy Atlantans just can’t bear to live with a single bathroom? Or are seasonal doldrums for sellers to blame?

The home has 1,216 square feet, and a refreshed price of $375,000.