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In Edgewood, an ‘affordable’ modern house looks like this

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Touted as “amazing opportunity that will not last long” at $399K

In recent years, Edgewood has seen the emergence of numerous ground-up moderns and boldly contemporary renovations, but this conversion on Sanderson Street was among the out-of-the-box vanguard nearly a decade ago.

Okay, so it might not get top billing in the pages of Dwell, but the listing agent’s exclamation of “modern, chic, affordable!” has some factual basis, in that 2,300 square feet and four bedrooms of intown living for sub-$400,000 isn’t so common in hot locations these days.

The listing touts walkability to Little Five Points and the Beltline (soon), but it’s also so close to the Edgewood Retail District you could probably hear the squabbles over Target parking spaces.

Moving inside, there’s a newly renovated kitchen and abundance of wide-open living space and non-standard window shapes. It has that not-rare-enough combination of floating stairs and spindly stair railings.

The large, darkly painted back deck is a barbecue-ready highlight. As is the $399,000 asking price for a property of this size.