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DeKalb County’s oldest home, a Peachtree treasure, dismantled

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Dating to the 1830s, the Goodwin House has been taken apart and removed from Peachtree Road

For nearly 200 years, the Goodwin House has stood on Peachtree Road in what is today the City of Brookhaven.

Once surrounded by 600 acres of farmland, the home has been moved slightly on its property over the years and expanded upon, but it’s remained much as it was in 1830s. However, as of last week, this relic is no longer standing.

According to Reporter Newspapers, the house has been dismantled piece-by-piece and currently faces an uncertain future. A member of the family who’s owned the house for seven generations indicated the land value and property taxes were too great to be able to maintain the place in its current location.

The house, and the acre of land it occupies, were listed for sale in 2008 at $3.5 million, but it reportedly hasn’t drawn any major interest.

Dismantling of the house opens the door for it to be reassembled elsewhere in Brookhaven, potentially serving a public function in a park. The relocation from the original property isn’t an ideal scenario for historians, but the good news is the house will likely, ultimately survive.

At least the outcome is far better than that of the antebellum Wilson House, which was razed in January after having stood since the 1850s south of the city.