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Quirky Midtown ‘moderne masterpiece’ re-lists for $2.77M

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Home with history of price-chops is aiming higher this time around

For more than a year and a half, this unique and baffling "Moderne Masterpiece in Midtown" has been listed, removed, and listed again, according to its price history on Zillow.

Lingering most recently in the upper $2 millions — $2.6 in March 2015, now $2.77 — the home is described as a "spectacular contemporary" with bold features, the most striking being a five-story glass curtain walled tower, rising from the heart of the dwelling.

Back when it listed in March 2015, we'd spotted even more previous attempts to sell it — including once several years back for $3.5 million.

Featuring five bedrooms and six bathrooms, this 1992 project contains a sprawling 7,642 square feet. Perched on a hill a few blocks from Piedmont Park, with partial Midtown views, it was built by architect John Busby, whose firm (Jova/Daniels/Busby) designed the Carter Center and Colony Square, among other prominent Atlanta buildings.

Probably the most amazing/oddest feature is the five-story tower walled in glass with a truly amazing/terrifying spiral staircase.

There’s also a four-story elevator and hundreds of thousands of dollars in custom cabinetry.

Other features: a pool and sauna area; a big, blocky (1990s-style) opaque glass wall; "top tech and security;" and so many more unusual and endlessly quirky design details.

Could this be the lucky listing price?