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Brookhaven ranch aims for midcentury flair, asks $849K

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1949 property underwent “super renovation” treatment

What used to be a humdrum hilltop ranch on the almost-Buckhead side of Brookhaven has undergone a “super” renovation that sellers believe will appeal to midcentury modern fanatics of Atlanta.

It should also be a hit with folks who like to party atop their garages.

Built in 1949, this ranch traded back in March for $475,000, and it’s back this week with new everything (basically) and a price tag of $849,000. Located a bit east of Ga. Highway 400, it offers (just) three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a setting of soaring trees.

The highlight could be the vast main living areas, divided by a lovely double-sided fireplace and banked by huge widows that frame the verdure beyond. The kitchen has Viking stuff and at least two skylights. Zillow pegs the total square footage at 2,400, so a midcentury McMansion this is not.

Beyond maybe the rooflines, there isn’t much here that qualifies as midcentury modern, per se, but it’s a stylish redo with a coveted, gigantic lot. If it achieves $850,000, expect champagne corks to fly off that deck.