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EVIVA on Peachtree is happening in Midtown Atlanta — and fast!

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The long-stalled project jolted to life this week, with promises of a quick timeline, developers say

In one short week, the EVIVA Peachtree tower has switched from being Atlanta’s most painfully lethargic development to (nearly) construction-ready. Developer the Integral Group is chomping at the bit to begin work at Peachtree and 6th streets on a long-anticipated high-rise that could boost the city's design prowess, we're told.

After more than three years of speculation, the project is slated to ramp up quickly, following the erection of a telltale construction fence last week. Since the fence went up, Perkins+Will — the architects behind the design — have made no secret they are eager for work to begin.

Though there's no indication just yet of exactly how fast Integral Group wants to push forward, the developer has reached out to Curbed Atlanta eager to share information this week. We should have more on the project Friday.

According to Christopher Martorella, President and Managing Partner of Integral's Investment Management Division, no details have changed since the building was first announced, meaning that it will likely be 35 stories tall — just one story shy of its neighbor to the north, Viewpoint. But let's remember that sheer number of stories isn't always a clear indicator of true height.

The fence wrap indicates the project will include studios, one-, and two-bedroom units with "world-class" views and amenities. However, a website listed on the fence is not yet operational. Delivery is expected in early 2018. Check back Friday for more info.