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Atlanta’s bike share efforts are spreading across the city

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Downtown and Midtown hubs are booming, with Westside coming soon

Atlanta’s bike share program isn’t even a year old, but it’s already experiencing some serious growth spurts.

The winter chill might dissuade some from riding, but it seems the program remains pretty hot. After expanding into Midtown this fall, plans have now been unveiled for bike share stations on the Westside. WABE reports that 10 stations are planned for the neighborhoods just to the west of downtown.

Expect those stations at Atlanta University Center and locations in Vine City in the spring.

The announcement comes as the program enjoys success, with users having ridden more than 11,000 miles on 5,000 trips in just the first six months of operation, according to the AJC.

With more coverage — and in the long-run more flexible ways to pay — look for ridership to increase beyond the 1,400-or-so current users.

The existing bike share network.

The program initially launched in the summer, with just 100 bikes at 10 stations downtown. Now, with the year wrapping up, the system is well on its way to its goal of 500 bikes across the core of the city.