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200 more Beltline apartments in the offing near Glenwood Park

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Rentals pitched for site alongside future Southside Trail

The next site of hundreds of Atlanta Beltline apartments.
Glenwood Park at left, and the property in question at right.
Images: Google Maps

A new Ormewood Park proposal is further proof that even the unbuilt Beltline is a development magnet.

According to a tipster, developers want to build 202 apartments where U.S. Electric now stands at 915 Glenwood Ave. The site is adjacent to the Beltline’s planned Southside Trail and across the street from Snap Fitness at Glenwood Park.

Last week, NPU-W Land Use and Zoning approved a rezoning of the property, we’re told. The approved plan apparently calls for an entrance driveway to the apartments that would create a five-way intersection where Glenwood Avenue and Bill Kennedy Way meet.

It wasn’t immediately clear who the developer is or what the proposal may look like.

Tax records show a group called 915 Glenwood Partners LLC purchased the 3.2-acre property last year for $5.5 million. The warehouses on site date to the 1960s, records show.

The U.S. Electric facility couldn’t be much closer to the Beltline’s planned Southside Trail (at right).

As for the Beltline’s plans for the area, the four-mile Southside Trail will stretch from Glenwood Avenue to University Avenue on the flipside of town — or almost twice as long as the existing Eastside Trail.

According to presentations this past summer, the Southside Trail’s design will take between 18 months and two years, and will include vital components such as lighting, bridges, retaining walls, and signage. Construction would follow soon after.

Broader view of the property.