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Midtown Atlanta’s Opus Place surprises with construction fences

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The $300-million tower would be the second tallest in the city if constructed

In Atlanta’s thriving development scene, it often seems like eons before announced projects come to fruition, if they’re ever realized at all.

When large, ambitious projects are announced, it’s pretty reasonable to be skeptical that they will start soon.

But the erection of construction fencing and preliminary site work in the heart of Midtown hint at a fast start for what could be the biggest project in Atlanta in decades.

Announced last year — and christened “Opus Place” back in October — Atlanta’s tallest residential building seemed a long shot. However, last week fences declaring the site as “four acres of culture” and “the new center of Midtown” were put up to surround the 14th Street site.

Maybe it’s all one very large marketing tactic. Maybe it’s a big on-site sales center in the works. Maybe it’s more.

A fence around the site.
Aaron Sentell
What appears to be site work at the location in question.
Carol Payne
The site from above.
Carol Payne

To add to the intrigue, a press release has been distributed reconfirming the master planner of the complex will be the internationally recognized architect Richard Meier, who designed the High Museum building facing Peachtree Street.

Sticking with the musical theme of the development, the Perkins+Will-designed 74-story tower is now being referred to as No2 Opus.

In October, it was revealed that the building would house 180 extended-stay corporate suites and 382 luxury condos going for more than $1,000 per square foot — a number unheard of in Atlanta real estate.

Of course, construction fencing and even the start of work on the site hardly means the project is a guarantee. But with a bit of luck, Atlanta could see the construction of its second tallest tower much sooner than many expected.