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In Chamblee, ho-hum ranch gets midcentury modern makeover

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1956 property boards renovation time machine to 2016

A midcentury modern renovation in Chamblee.
Before, left, juxtaposed with after.
Rod Collins/Beacham Realtors

In the pine-shaded Chamblee neighborhood of Sexton Woods, a formerly mundane ranch has debuted on the market this week after an eye-catching, midcentury-style flip.

The intent is to appeal to fans of bold front doors, skylights, cathedral ceilings, and partially finished basements, all showcased in a contemporary setting.

Listed at $550,000, this reimagined pad counts three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 2,646 square feet beneath clusters of towering pines.

It might not be a midcentury modern in the puritanical sense, but the house now boasts that unmistakable, clean-lined flair, with original hardwoods throughout.

The company behind the project, Broad Arch Investments, sent over photos of progress for comparison’s sake. The builder, Six Point Homes, morphed the old carport into a two-car garage.

Below, have a gander at the “before” property, which was scooped up in August for $285,000:

And here’s a look at the listing today:

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