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Murder Kroger is falling in preparation for 725 Ponce

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Demolition’s in full swing just across the Beltline from Ponce City Market

A claw punches through the roof of Murder Kroger.
A claw punches through the roof of the Kroger.
S9 Architecture

We all know what Karma can be, and she’s been present on Ponce de Leon as Murder Kroger meets a slow and agonizingly protracted demise.

A ceremony was held yesterday at the store as a front-end loader tore through the front canopy of the building, marking the official kickoff of demolition. Hizzoner Kasim Reed and the district’s councilman, Kwanza Hall, were on hand to oversee the dirty work.

The ceremony followed demo work that started late last week on the Beltline side of the store. 725 Ponce posted a video of a bulldozer plowing through the bright and cheerful mural that was added to the store just two years ago.

For many, it’s been a long grieving process. Kroger’s demise was mourned long before the destruction began, starting with a vigil before its closure before Halloween.

In the ill-fated grocery store’s place, a 12-story office tower is slated to rise along the Beltline. Announced at the very beginning of the year, plans call for a 60,000-square-foot Kroger to form the base of the office building.

Designed by S9Architecture, who had a hand in the design of nearby Ponce City Market, the building will encompass more than 360,000 square feet in total and create approximately 2,000 construction jobs during its construction and another 1,550 permanent office and retail positions once open.

Backing from Invest Atlanta is allowing the $188 million project to move forward.

Expect construction of the reincarnated grocery store to run through at least 2019.

Ponce City Market

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