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Atlanta’s homes can now be sorted by age, value, for those who like data

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Interactive infographics allow exploration of residential vintages around the city

Construction dates of houses in English Avenue, Atlanta.
Construction dates in English Avenue.
Numbers Box

Have you ever been curious about the vintage of homes across Atlanta? Or perhaps the appraisal value of the typical property in every neighborhood? If so, maybe you’re an incurable data nerd.

And now — you’re in luck!

John Keltz over at Numbers Box has shared interactive infographics that aggregate property data from every home in the Fulton County section of Atlanta to show the age of every building and each parcel’s appraised value.

Keltz’s post and accompanying maps offer a glimpse into the history of residential building in Atlanta. In areas like Grant Park and Adair Park, the median age of homes is nearing 100 years, but in Lindbergh and downtown, most homes were built in just the last decade.

Atlanta home building throughout the years.
Numbers Box

A similar map is also available for appraisal values across the city:

It’s easy to get lost in exploring the maps, which are eye-opening when it comes to the agedness of — and current cost to live in — each of the city’s neighborhoods.

With data aggregation making visualizations like this possible, Atlantans can see the city — and a bit of its history — in a whole new light.