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In Ansley Park, unassuming (but massive) bungalow commands $2.2M

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Marketed as “intown living at its best”

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Could this be the most expensive home in Atlanta without a garage?

When you’re talking north of $2 million in this town, most buyers expect a Jay Leno-worthy parking facility for their growing fleet of whips.

At least avid drivers of Atlanta will find a long driveway here on Ansley Park’s prestigious The Prado — and a minor parking lot in the front yard.

Greatly expanded from its original bones, this circa-1920 traditional bungalow in the shadow of Midtown could also have the most unassuming profile of any $2.2 million property around, which could bode well for unpretentious buyers on the lam.

It recently underwent a price-chop worth more than a lot of condos: $300,000.

If Zillow’s correct, this house counts a titanic 7,260 square feet, with an understated interior aesthetic that smacks a little Clinton-era (marbled, golden fireplace and the grayed latticework around back) but shouldn’t require major surgery to update.

Beyond sheer room to roam, the dual-sink, clean-lined kitchen with custom cabinetry is probably the highlight; the backyard jungle probably isn’t.

The big asking price does buy three full floors of living here, and all five bedrooms have private bathrooms attached.

This property didn’t move in 2012, the last time it was for sale, at $2.5 million. But this is a different market, full of low-supply desperation.