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Atlanta’s Curbed Cup 2016 ‘Elite Eight’ is set. Now, onward!

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Quest for “Neighborhood of the Year” glory resumes Monday

The biased neighborhood dwellers of Atlanta have spoken, and the Curbed Cup 2016’s “Elite Eight” has officially arrived. Round 1 winners have stepped one notch closer to everlasting glory and serious bragging rights.

Atlanta’s sixth annual quest for “Neighborhood of the Year” status and that prestigious fake hardware has been lively thus far, crackling with upsets and genuine pride.

Let’s recap Round 1:

Despite the 4-versus-13 seeding, the year’s biggest upset so far goes to College Park, a tourney newcomer who managed to capture 60 percent of votes and topple past champion (and national media darling) Old Fourth Ward.

Grant Park’s easy triumph over higher-seeded Edgewood could be called surprising, if Grant Park (a former Finalist) hadn’t rocked this bracket so much in the past.

East Atlanta’s convincing victory over widely adored Inman Park — this tourney’s inaugural champion — wasn't too shabby, either.

Meanwhile, Midtown, West End, and Kirkwood put a hurtin’ on much smaller (but nonetheless prideful) places. Last but not least, Ormewood Park slipped past resurgent downtown to advance.

Next week, we’ll have two matches per day, beginning Monday, to determine the Final Four before Christmas.

Which neighborhood shall join the hallowed pantheon (below) of Curbed Cup “Neighborhood of the Year” winners — or make history by becoming a repeat champion? Your votes will decided.

2015: West End (reigning)

2014: Reynoldstown

2013: Kirkwood

2012: Old Fourth Ward

2011: Inman Park

The winner’s circle, as portrayed in a shoddy collage.
Curbed Atlanta