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Midtown demolition is underway to clear site for Alexan 880

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Low-rise office to be pulled down in coming weeks for another apartment tower

For those who love to watch buildings crumble, consider this your heads up: a four-story former office at West Peachtree and 8th streets will be demolished in the next two weeks.

The demolition signals the start of work on Alexan 880 — a planned 22-story apartment tower slated to bring more than 350 apartments to the exploding neighborhood.

Site clearing began in November, hinting at progress on the long-proposed development. While demolition permits were issued back in February, the office complex’s day of reckoning is finally approaching now.

Last week, crews were demoing the interior of the 1971 structure, which had been home to Drew Eckl Farnham. The site foreman indicated the building would come down in the next week or two.

The apartment tower adds to the construction frenzy in the blocks surrounding, with Alta Midtown, the NCR headquarters, Modera Midtown, and Coda all contributing to the boom.

Given the speed of construction on similarly sized projects, expect Alexan 880 to come online in late 2018.