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Curbed Cup Elite Eight: (4) College Park vs. (12) Grant Park

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Which neighborhood should advance to the Final Four?

An example of College Park’s older housing stock on Rugby Avenue.
An example of College Park’s older housing stock on Rugby Avenue.

College Park

As fate would have it, this Elite Eight showdown pits two of three remaining “parks” in what’s sure to be stiff competition. College Park tallied enough pre-tourney nominations to earn a hefty No. 4 seed; then the city rallied to snag 60 percent of votes in a contest with heavyweight former Curbed Cup champion Old Fourth Ward. So HCP — Historic College Park, that is — is performing like a seasoned tourney vet and not the newcomer it is. Attributes that include MARTA connectivity, housing that isn’t ungodly expensive, a local arts scene, nearby Woodward Academy, and primo airport proximity must count for something. And underdog pride should never be discounted.


Grant Park

This 1886 Victorian typifies Grant Park’s more classic residences.

The oh-so-close runners-up of Curbed Cup 2013 could mean business this year. The picturesque eastside neighborhood of Grant Park let higher-seeded Edgewood (No. 5) take a mere 28 percent of votes in Round 1 action. It was the most lopsided of all contests last week. Grant Park made an Elite Eight appearance last year, too, and has since been riding a redevelopment wave triggered by Beltline plans and the investment pipeline that is Memorial Drive. Plus, Krobar happened this year. Maybe losing the crown to Kirkwood by a measly 23 votes three years ago — and early exits the last two years — has left a bad, bad taste. And maybe the only mouthwash is victory.