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Buckhead ‘cottage’ deploys drones, price-chops; still can’t sell

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Was originally listed north of $1.4 million

A renovated, large Buckhead cottage in Atlanta.
Because purple flourishes make more sense at 55 feet.
Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International

So this is what passes for a “cottage” in Buckhead’s Haynes Manor, described in the listing as “one of Atlanta's most coveted intown neighborhoods,” a wonderland of expansive estate lots off Northside Drive.

For whatever reason, buyers have been passing it by for a year and a half, despite a succession of no-nonsense price chops and the listing’s dynamite use of drone photography.

It’s an instance where the deployment of flying robots adds context and isn’t just showing off.

With just shy of 3,900 square feet, bones of ancient stone, and cozily sunken rooms, this four-bedroom must have seemed truly massive in 1935. It recently underwent a renovation that’s mostly elegant (some tile choices: questionable), highlighted by an enclosed sun porch and gargantuan living room with cathedral ceilings and masonry fireplace.

It first listed north of $1.4 million in summer 2015. At some point, it slipped into foreclosure, which as the listing notes is rare in these parts.

After another $50,000 deduction last month, it stands longingly at $949,000.