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Curbed Cup Elite Eight: (2) Ormewood Park vs. (8) Kirkwood

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Which neighborhood should advance to the Final Four?

This new Ormewood Park Craftsman sold before listing this year at $635,000.
This new Ormewood Park Craftsman sold before listing this year at $635,000.
Kenny Park/Showing House/StudioSD Designs

Ormewood Park

Like places all across Atlanta (and urban America, for that matter), Ormewood Park has solidified itself as a time-machine neighborhood lately — that is, buyers today probably wish they had teleporting contraptions that’d send them to listing prices of the past. It’s almost unfathomable now, but way back in 2011, a budget of about $200,000 would land a darling three-bedroom bungalow in Ormewood Park. Of course, that was before Beltline buzz and shopping while tipsy at Krobar were ubiquitous things. Prior to the tourney, OP tallied enough nominations for an impressive No. 2 seed, and then cruised by downtown in Round 1 with about 60 percent of votes. But now, a former Curbed Cup champion stands in the way.



Sports-driven watering hole Kirkyard.
Curbed Atlanta

In a pre-tourney nomination email that listed the top five reasons why Kirkwood rocks, one reader mentioned the eastside neighborhood’s longstanding festival — Spring Fling — its upstart new tradition — the Mardi-Gras themed Lanta Gras in January — and endearing anecdotal evidence of refrigerator sharing: “Friendliest neighbors intown,” she wrote. “Neighbors who, for example, offer half a working fridge to save your food if your power goes out.” Sounds special. As was Kirkwood’s Round 1 dismissal of Castleberry Hill, which was allowed just 35 percent of votes last week. Like West End, Kirkwood has a chance in 2016 to make history and become Atlanta’s first-ever repeat Curbed Cup champion, but overcoming a motivated No. 2 seed ain’t exactly small potatoes.