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Presenting Atlanta’s Curbed Cup 2016 ‘Final Four’!

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Atlanta’s 2016 tourney has brimmed with surprise, intrigue, and mystery

And then there were four.

If Vegas had Curbed Cup odds, anyone who placed a buck on this being the Atlanta Final Four for 2016 would probably have like 80 bucks right now.

And that’s the beauty of this annual quest for the illustrious fake trophy — any neighborhood convinced it’s really their year can take it home!

The biased people have spoken, and the remaining four competitors of 2016 are Chamblee (1), College Park (4), East Atlanta (6), and Kirkwood (7).

Without further ado, let’s have a look at recent, gripping highlights:

  • In the match with the highest vote tally thus far, motivated College Park squeezed by Grant Park with 51.6 percent of votes. A strong batch of pre-tourney nominations had signaled early on that CP might mean business this year.
  • Later, East Atlanta edged reigning champion West End with 59 percent of votes in what must have been the 2016 tourney’s most civil face-off.
  • That means Kirkwood — which bounced No. 2 seed Ormewood Park today — is the last neighborhood standing that could possibly make history by becoming a repeat champion. Unlike some cities, Atlanta hath no multi-Cup legends.
  • And of course Chamblee, which racked up an impressive tally of reader nominations for the No. 1 seed, showed tourney titan Midtown the exit this week.

Now, the Curbed Cup tourney will take a break for the holiday and resume on Tuesday.

The Finals match to determine Atlanta’s “Neighborhood of the Year” begins Dec. 29.



Pantheon of Past Champions:

2015: West End (reigning; bounced)

2014: Reynoldstown

2013: Kirkwood

2012: Old Fourth Ward

2011: Inman Park