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Atlanta airport dominates yet again with passenger numbers

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Hartsfield-Jackson is expecting to serve its 100-millionth flyer of 2016 during the holiday rush

A view of the existing beige and orange concourses.
ATL: a sea of airplanes.
Google Maps

With a week-and-1/2 left in the year, and with one of the busiest periods of travel looming, Hartsfield-Jackson is eyeing a milestone: 100 million passengers served in 2016.

According to USA Today, the airport is on the cusp of breaking a record set in 2015 — 101.4 million air travelers served in a single year. Atlanta was the first airport to ever break the nine-digit threshold.

Over the next few days, an additional 4 million passengers are expected to pass through the airport during the holiday rush.

The numbers should be enough for ATL to once again reign supreme as far as number of passengers served in the year.

But remember, it’s not the “world’s busiest” airport any longer — it’s the kinder, gentler “most visited.”

To keep up with continued high demand, the airport has plans in place for a major renovation and upgrade, as well as longterm expansion plans. Look for work to begin in the coming year on new entry canopies above the pick-up and drop-off zones at the domestic terminals.

Happy travels!