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Near Lindbergh, midcentury ‘masterpiece’ is cozy, blue, $420K

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Get a load of that backyard sanctuary

A blue midcentury home in the Garden Hills area of Atlanta.
Why so blue, carport?
Keller Williams

The most overused phrases in the Atlanta listings lexicon are probably “must see” and “midcentury modern masterpiece,” and this 1950 abode near Lindbergh deploys them both in the first sentence of its marketing language.

So let’s see this masterpiece, if we must.

Not far from Peachtree Road, this three-bedroom ranch is truly tucked away (but not inconveniently far away) in the Martin Manor subdivision, with updates that include pretty bamboo flooring throughout and a new Trex® deck front porch.

But around back is the real kicker here.

The utopian backyard melds North Georgia and Japan, with towering pines, handsome stonework, and funky swing chairs mingling with a koi pond and waterfall. (A coincidence that the asking price is exactly $420K? Hardly).

The cozy kitchen takes chances with its golden tiling and blue quartz countertops, which seem appropriate and even refreshing. The blues are bold and consistent throughout.

The living room’s prominent brick fireplace — perhaps the most MCM aspect here — is as killer as the stained-glass window is random .

Another bonus is the Garden Hills Elementary School districting, although most Atlanta families would probably take issue with squeezing into 1,316 square feet.

Or maybe such a footprint could bring a clan closer, literally and not.