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Midtown’s lilli plowing ahead, slated to top out in just 4 months

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Building will bring 150 posh apartments and retail to southern strip of Peachtree

The first high-rise venture for southern Midtown in ages is rising quickly on Peachtree Street.

Announced last year, lilli — slated to climb 24 stories and contain 150 high-end apartments — is already showing signs of vertical construction. These blocks haven’t seen a project this large since The Reynolds condos opened a decade ago.

According to JPX Works cofounder Jarel Portman, the building should top out in just four months, meaning that by spring there could be a new mark on the Midtown skyline.

The tower is replacing the long-abandoned two-story commercial buildings at the corner of Peachtree and Third streets, just across from the Fox Theatre.

Demolition happened in late August, and construction crews are making quick work building up from the tiny site, with concrete columns rising to the second floor.

Progress on the tower as of last week.
JPX Works

The architecturally intriguing building represents just one of numerous big investments coming to the long-overlooked southern reaches of Midtown.

Across the street, work is wrapping up to revamp the dated office block where Honeywell recently announced they would be relocating workers.

And down the street, financing assistance could (hopefully) restart construction on Emory’s long-anticipated Proton Therapy Center soon. At the Fox Theatre, work will soon be underway to create a fancy new club and rooftop bar overlooking Peachtree Street.

Elsewhere, plans call for filling the block at Peachtree and North Avenue with a hotel, though no news has come of that since March.