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Underground Atlanta streets won’t be abandoned without a fight

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Historic downtown streets were given up by Atlanta City Council, but some citizens aren’t happy

Earlier this month, the Atlanta City Council made waves when it approved a measure to abandon some of Atlanta’s oldest streets in the heart of downtown for private redevelopment.

Many criticized the decision, which was made with little chance for public input, as a step too far in giving concessions to WRS Realty, the group hoping to transform Underground Atlanta.

Now, WABE reports that local activists for city planning and design from ThreadATL are pursuing the possibility of legal action against the city to block the move.

The basis of the complaint stems from the lack of public input and prior notification of the deal. News of the street abandonment broke just days before the measure was voted on, leaving almost no chance for concerned residents to weigh in.

How a planned Underground overhaul could look from above.

Before a lawsuit is filed, Thread ATL plans to lodge a letter on behalf of Atlantans to advise the city of planned legal action. The organization’s goal is to get a reversal of the ordinance, though the group is also open to a restriction on the deed of land requiring that rights-of-way remain permanently accessible to all citizens.

Knowing how tenaciously Mayor Kasim Reed and the majority of city council have fought off public dissent in the past, this should be an interesting one to watch.

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