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Peachtree-Pine shelter is still open, despite indications of closure

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Atlanta City Council indicated the shelter would be closed last month, but nothing has happened yet

Peachtree-Pine, with downtown’s skyline beyond.
Peachtree-Pine, with downtown’s skyline beyond.
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The Peachtree-Pine shelter sits on Atlanta’s main street at the cusp of Midtown and downtown. For some it provides a place to sleep at night, but for many others it acts as a foreboding obstacle in the heart of the city.

For more than a year, the city has been attempting to take the property via eminent domain to allow for the construction of a consolidated police, fire, and SWAT facility. Other efforts to close the shelter have dragged on for years.

Despite lawsuits, unpaid bills, and even a few shootings, the facility has managed to remain open, prompting ire from those in the surrounding neighborhoods.

It seemed the city was closer to securing closure of the shelter last month, with the city council voting to move forward with procurement of the property — confirming rumors that had been swirling all fall.

When the resolution passed, the city indicated to Creative Loafing that the goal of the city was to have negotiations wrapped up in “30 to 60 days.” However, with two months gone, it seems that timeline isn’t going to hold up, leaving neighbors wondering what’s going on.

A request for comment from the office of Councilman Kwanza Hall — a strong supporter of closing the shelter — has gone unanswered. We’ll post any new information that comes.

While the change would be welcome news for those who live and work around the area, preservationists worry the closure of the shelter will mean demolition of the architecturally significant facade. And there’s the issue of possibly putting hundreds of Atlanta residents on the streets in colder months.

Considering how long the process has taken thus far, it’s anyone’s bet as to when the facility will actually close.