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1960s Buckhead modern, reduced by $55K, still lingers on market

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Garden Hills stunner tries again with refreshed photos, price

A Buckhead modern house from 1967 that can't sell.
Discount city.
Ansley Atlanta Real Estate

In what could be the biggest head-scratcher in recent memory, this impressive 1967 modern in the Garden Hills section of Buckhead has lingered on the market for going on two years.

Maybe it’s simply a matter of bathrooms.

Overlooking Sunnybrook Park, this thoroughly updated relic first blipped the radar in early 2015, when it was asking $1.45 million. It offers panoramic views throughout the home and an abundance of sophisticated outdoor spaces and landscaping (zen trees galore), plus an entryway of suspended stone accented by a double dose of water features.

The above-garage deck.

The soaring dining room has a solarium feel, and stylish chandeliers add pop throughout.

Still, the most recent price-slice ($55,000) came last week, rendering the ask to $1.19 million.

Some other pertinent numbers: four bedrooms, 2,850 square feet, and just two and 12 bathrooms. Despite all the attributes, could so few bathroom options be the unsurmountable albatross here?