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Serenbe announces 6 mid-price homes to entice Atlantans southward

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“Modern shotguns” will go for under $350K, feature high-tech and low-energy elements

Serenbe’s offering of “modern shotguns.”
Serenbe’s offering of “modern shotguns.”

For those unfamiliar, Serenbe is an agra-topian community in southern Fulton County, 30 miles from downtown Atlanta. Geographically, that puts it in the same category as common commuter suburbs like Milton, Duluth, and Kennesaw, but unlike those places, Chattahoochee Hills isn’t really on the radar of many Atlantans.

However, as traffic continues to worsen on the north side of the city, Serenbe is attempting to insert itself as a viable alternative to life in the northern suburbs.

As part of the effort, new homes in the latest Serenbe section — Mado — are being built to appeal to buyers who don’t want to (or can’t) fork over a small fortune.

Today, six homes have been listed for $339,000 as part of a “modern shotguns” series, meant for those who want to be part of the new urbanist community without paying out the nose.

Initial floorplans suggest they’ll be in the 830 to 900-square-foot range.

For a rural setting, the cost may seem high compared to intown Atlanta houses. Officials counter that Serenbe offers walkability, high-quality construction, and the ability to connect with nature, all relatively close to the airport and downtown. The homes, then, are being offered as an alternative for those wanting the best of city and country.

Featuring geothermal heating and cooling, low-flow fixtures, high-end finishes and fixtures, wood floors, granite counters, and the ability to easily add features like surround sound, the homes sound pretty posh. And the passive systems for lighting and temperature control mean that maintenance costs should be lower than most new homes.

Still, Serenbe has a long way to go to woo Atlantans away from the city en masse (as if that’s the objective), but the lower price-points and growing list of high-end amenities sure makes it seem like they’re trying.

With just six homes in the initial offering, Serenbe is testing the waters at the mid-$300,000 price-point. Look for more offerings to come online as Mado is built out.