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Midtown block could be swallowed by mixed-use towers

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Office high-rise, hotel, and residences would sit around an elevated plaza

The glass towers proposed at 1105 West Peachtree St, with angular steel accents.
The proposal at 1105 West Peachtree St.
Rule Joy Trammell + Rubio via Atlanta Business Chronicle, with permission from Selig

As 2016 winds down, it’s pretty incredible to see all the construction that’s beefed up the Midtown skyline in the past year — and to look forward to what’s planned for 2017.

Now, with just a few weeks to go, new projects are clamoring for a spot on the to-do list.

Developer Selig Enterprises, which has been involved in an array of ventures around the city for the last 100 years, has announced their intentions to construct a major mixed-use development in the heart of Midtown.

According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, the project’s anchor would be a 32-story office tower with 645,000 square feet of space. A second tower would include 80 residential units and a 150-key boutique hotel.

The project would sit atop a retail and parking podium, capped by a one-acre plaza for residents, office workers, and guests.

Designed by Rule Joy Trammell + Rubio, the buildings would fill a 3.5-acre site on the already booming West Peachtree corridor, just north of 12th Street. The designers were inspired by towers in other “international cities,” and wanted to build more than "just another glass box,” Dan Joy told the ABC.

If constructed, the project would replace a sea of surface parking lots and two nondescript low-rise office buildings, as well as one of the last remaining early-20th century homes in the core of Midtown.

The old home at 1109 West Peachtree St. was constructed in 1912.
Google Maps

Selig’s proposal will be presented to the Midtown Development Review Committee sometime this month, with hopes that at least half of the main building can be quickly leased. If that’s the case, construction could start as soon as the middle of next year.