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Atlanta’s modernist Archives Building not coming down as anticipated

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Unexpected delays mean the “white ice cube” will be stick around — until next year, at least

The Archives Building near Turner Field.
The building as it stands today.
Brewers Mission 162

For more than five decades, the State Archives building has loomed over the massive interstate interchange where 20, 75, and 85 crash together in downtown Atlanta.

Empty for going on 14 years due to structural concerns, the minimalist white marble building has served as the backdrop for many films in the intervening years as it awaits demolition for a planned judicial complex, slated to cost more than $100 million.

After years of demolition delays, due to abatement concerns and uncertainty about funding, remediation and salvaging of materials had begun in order to implode the building before the end of this year.

However, it seems plans have been derailed yet again. The AJC reports that due to funding holdups and other concerns, demolition will not move forward until at least March.

A postcard dating to around the opening of the building.
via Atlanta Time Machine

In the meantime, reports indicate that scaffolding has gone up around the building in the last few days and a steady stream of workers has been assessing the structure.

It’s unclear exactly what’s going on, though some observers believe architects and others are evaluating the structure to see what items can be removed for reuse. (No word yet on a yard sale).

Given the high-end cladding material and state-of-the-art features included in the building’s construction, there are likely some pretty big-ticket items and vintage elements worth saving.

Dibs on the marble!