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At Trace Midtown, new apartments gunning for $6.6K+ rents

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Peachtree Street penthouses give YOO a run for your money

The amenities area at Trace Midtown apartments.
The pool of pure Evian (not really).

The millennial-bating tagline for the new Trace Midtown tower goes that these apartments are “designed for your extraordinary life.” And the largest units, it seems, are geared toward extraordinarily thick wallets.

Elsewhere in Midtown, it recently came to light that YOO on the Park — a posh new tower overlooking Piedmont Park — is getting nearly $5,900 rents for some penthouse units and north of $3-per-square foot for others.

The high-roller homes at Trace Midtown appear to be leaving those numbers in the dust. If people rent them, that is. pegs some two-bedroom Trace penthouses at $6,675 per month, which rents north of 2,100 square feet — huge new apartments, even by Atlanta standards.

But those aren’t the biggest pads in the place. Not by a long shot.

This massive penthouse apartment spans nearly 3,000 square feet with a wraparound balcony.

Rents have yet to emerge for the 2,875-square-foot sprawler(s) above, but it’s a safe bet the number could make a penny-pincher croak. In fairness, that’s one extremely large two-bedroom (plus office) rental.

If calculations are correct, another penthouse (PH8.1) is commanding $5,275 — or more than $3.22/square foot.

Amenities that include outdoor fire pits, cutting-edge gym equipment, and a resort-style swimming pool sound alluring but not exactly revolutionary. Select flats have private, one-car garages.

Now, let’s have a look around a model unit or two and the amenities level, which may have set a Midtown record for the most submergible loungers on the pool’s tanning ledge:

Piedmont Park

400 Park Drive Northeast, , GA 30306 (404) 875-7275 Visit Website