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Cobb County constructing more than 2 miles of Beltline-esque trails

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Cumberland project will link Kennesaw Mountain, Chattahoochee River, and Silver Comet Trail

A segment of the new trail in Cobb County.
A segment of the new trail.

Cobb County is often viewed as a suburban island, dedicated to cars and only cars, unlike neighboring North Fulton, for instance.

But indications are that the auto-centric ‘burb is softening to the idea of multi-use trails, with hopes of adding to its existing network.

Next year, 2.1 miles of paved trails will be constructed in Cumberland as part of Phase 2 of the Bob Callahan Trail.

According to the AJC, the $6.2-million project will be largely funded by GDOT, with the Cumberland Community Improvement District chipping in nearly $1.3 million and the county contributing around $400,000.

The new segments will add to 3.6 miles of already-existing trails along the Chattahoochee River and will provide linkage to paths leading out to Kennesaw Mountain and the Silver Comet Trail.

At 10-feet wide, the trails will provide space for pedestrian and bicyclists traversing from Interstate North Parkway to Terrell Mill Road.

An aerial view of the trail.

Look for the work to be done by the end of next year.