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$115K Westside Beltline reno name-drops Santa, lands buyer

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Festivus also gets mention in Oakland City

A partially renovated home in Oakland City.
Ho ho reno.
eXp Realty

For Atlantans whose Yuletide dreams include partially renovated bungalows with Beltline proximity in the $100,000 range — well, consider this a Christmas miracle.

And not to be Grinch-y, but consider it spoken for, too.

Here’s the property when it sold for $53,000 last year.

With shoutouts to both Santa and Festivus, the listing for this unfinished but dirt-cheap property ($115,000) stresses the potential of not just the house, but the Oakland City neighborhood at large.

What’s most interesting is how recent redevelopment news is unabashedly used here as a motivational selling point: “You are now in walking distance to the Atlanta Beltline. You are in walking distance to Monday Night Brewing’s multi-million dollar [Westside] expansion. SO MUCH POTENTIAL, and it’s priced to sell!”

That tactic apparently paid off, as the circa-1920, four-bedroom bungalow snagged a buyer following a price increase last month. (It listed at $89,000 on Nov. 22 and jumped by $26,000 a week later).

It’s touted as a “handyman special” and proof that “Santa has been looking out for you.”

And look — Saint Nick will have access to a funky new chimney of reclaimed wood.