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Atlanta Developers Coin 'Upper Westside' with Major Project

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A major new development is coming to the northwest corner of Atlanta, and the developers are rebranding the area as the "Upper Westside" without the proximity to Central Park. Joint real estate partners McKittrick Simmons, Jim Irwin and Harold Wyatt are slated to commence construction on a mixed-use project totaling 107,000 square feet just across the street from Red Brick Brewing Company.

The joint venture between the three burgeoning moguls began in 2015, and their resumes read like the opening credits of a real estate movie: "From the people who brought you Ponce City Market, the Southern Company headquarters, Ernst & Young building, and distressed asset investments comes the 'Defoor Hills Business District.'"

The group plans to reuse the existing warehouse structures to create loft-ceiling offices. Their hope is that the project will spur what they see as the next major development sector in the city, based on the recent influx of new restaurants and large-scale entertainment, like TopGolf. The buildings are expected to open in August this year.

Ponce City Market

675 Ponce De Leon Avenue Northeast, , GA 30308 (404) 900-7900 Visit Website