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Served! Airbnb Fight Escalates at Landmark Condo Tower

Last Friday we reported on the Landmark Legislative Legal Battle gripping a condo high-rise in downtown Atlanta. Condo owners are riled up about the Condo Association Board's decision to limit short-term rentals, effectively shutting down Airbnb operations in the building. What complicates matters is a twisted relationship between the building and many members of the Georgia General Assembly, including a booze-stocked lobbyist-funded legislative lounge. As expected, the drama has escalated with the argument devolving into possible litigation.

According to an anonymous source, the HOA board was served papers on Monday, requiring the board to address the concerns of building residents or face a lawsuit. In response, the board is holding an emergency meeting next week to address the matter. With a large portion of legislators — possibly more than 10 percent of the entire General Assembly — taking up residence in the building, the board decision could have a major impact on State lawmakers and their ability to rent out their spaces when the legislature is not in session.

Could tonight's meeting stave off a lawsuit from the disgruntled unit owners? Could this battle have ripple effects in the short-term rental market in Atlanta? Stay tuned as the epic saga unfolds.

Update: The emergency board meeting is scheduled for next Wednesday, Feb. 17, not tonight, as originally posted.

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