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Edgewood, Kirkwood Residents Thumb Noses at Developer

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Residents didn't mince words at a recent developer meeting to talk about a new apartment proposal along Memorial Drive. "It sucks," was one blunt reaction from Eric Kronberg of Organized Neighbors of Edgewood (and an architect), according to Decaturish. Now the developer, Quintus Corporation, is heading back to the proverbial board to concoct better plans.

Quintus filed a rezoning application for the 11-acre property Memorial Drive and Woodbine Avenue. Their plan was to build about 340 apartment units, mostly one-bedrooms, that would rent in the $1,100 range. But, residents had many criticisms for the proposal, such as the inclusion of a street-visible parking deck, the amount of surface parking, the lack of throughway or connection to the rest of the neighborhood and the absence of any floor-level retail.

Right now, the property encompases several apartment units and a green space along Sugar Creek. To Quintus's credit, they've agreed not to move forward with the development process until they can build a neighborhood consensus.

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