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Reynoldstown's Station R Project Unveils New Timeline

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Some of the ongoing large-scale projects in Reynoldstown are having a rough go. Some have faced a series of weather delays, and some can't seem to get off of the ground. But one — the most visible one — is still making progress. The mixed-use Elan Inman Station Station R, which, for months, looked like a standalone parking deck on a patch of dirt, is quickly turning into a fully formed development.

The project, located on Moreland Avenue across the street from Edgewood Retail District, will offer 16,000 square feet of street retail space and 285 apartments. John Roberson, Director of Development for Greystar, wrote in an email that they expect the first Station R units to be turned over in August. Different pieces of the project will be opened in phases, and pricing information will be released in May when pre-leasing launches.

Retail leasing is being handled by Crim & Associates. The group previously said they hope to capitalize on nearby Gateway Park — which is more of a small green space with a sculpture and the welcoming Reynoldstown sign — by placing outdoor dining next door to it, creating a bistro/café atmosphere. Yes, please.

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