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MARTA Expansion's Unprecedented Support in 11 Charts

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Atlanta has reached a major turning point in the world of transit-related public opinion. Just a decade ago, many city dwellers (and their suburban counterparts) would sneer and turn their noses at the first mention of MARTA. It was slow, it didn't cover enough people, it was mismanaged, and it was a money hole. But, that's all turning around, and so is public support for Atlanta's transit system. It's no secret that Curbed readers love a good chart, so here are a few that reinforce this turnaround.

In anticipation of the current legislative goings-on, the Metro Atlanta Chamber commissioned a poll back in October to gauge support for proposed expansions to MARTA. The poll was conducted by McLaughlin and Associates and showed, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that MARTA and proposed expansions have majority support from every segment of the local population. But, for some reason, local politicians haven't all jumped on the bandwagon.

[All images courtesy of Dave Williams for the Metro Atlanta Chamber]

Voters have a widely favorable opinion of MARTA transit service now:

Even among Republican voters:

In fact, across almost every demographic polled believes MARTA is a key component to relieving Atlanta's traffic issues:

So the vast majority are in favor of a tax to expand MARTA services:

Again, the lowest level of support is from Republican voters but the majority, even in that group, support MARTA expansion:

Far fewer are in support of expanding roads:

Though most people think support for both is necessary:

Most people would oppose any legislation MARTA is not a part of:

The only groups that would support a roads-only solution are conservative Republicans, infrequent commuters and black males:

Even specific rail expansions have massive support:

And in the Windward Parkway expansion even Republicans support expansion slightly more than Democrats:

How you like them apples?

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