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Hilton 'Canopy' Hotel to Rise Downtown, with 'Local' Flair

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Downtown Atlanta, the epicenter for large conferences and host to tourists and business travelers alike, boasts a wide range of hotel options for visitors. But Bisnow reports that convention goers and vacationers alike may soon have another option that's a bit different than what's available now. If talks go as hoped, a new dual-branded Hilton property could feature one of the first ever "Canopy" hotels.

Afflicted with rapidly spreading dual-branded fever, the project could pair a Homewood Suites with the Canopy concept to bring 350 hotel rooms to the neighborhood northwest of Centennial Olympic Park. What sets the Canopy concept apart is the infusion of "local culture" into every aspect of the hotel. Departing from that idea, for the most part, is a planned healthy bent for the hotel, with healthy breakfast — not really a local thing — and bikes available in the lobby — also, not a local thing.

The first iteration of the concept is slated to open in Reykjavik later this year, with five more planned to follow in American markets through 2019. The Atlanta version would be located on Marietta Street near the Georgia Aquarium. The project is spearheaded by Legacy Ventures — the group behind restaurants in the area including STATS, Max's Coal Oven Pizzeria and Der Biergarten. Hopes are for the project to break ground later this year.

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