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Avondale Mixed-Use Proposal May Push Others to Go Public

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A new mixed-use development is on the docket for Avondale Estates, and residents are hoping it will light a fire under the arse of Euramex Management to publicly unveil their own closely guarded mixed-use plans. The project was proposed by South City Partners, who were recently recognized for their work on Inman Quarter and the Kennesaw Livable Centers Initiative study.

The development by South City is slated to take over space on East College Avenue between Sam's Crossing and Hillyer Avenue, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The site is currently occupied by Shop The Edge Thrift retailer and Coyotes Mexican restaurant. The proposal includes 10,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space on the ground floor and 175 apartments above. The site plan also includes a "gateway park" on the western side.

Since South City has already unveiled renderings for the public, residents hope Euramex will be pushed to follow through with releasing their own in February. Euramex Managemnent owns the Fenner Dunlop property at the corner of Laredo and Parry streets at the southeastern edge of Avondale Yard, which has been unused since 2009. Most details of a proposed mixed-use development, including 10,000 feet of retail, 200 apartments and 80 townhomes have been kept under lock and key.

South City is supposed to give a public presentation on Feb. 24.

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