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This Foreclosed Sandy Springs Palace is Hardly Understated

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[Street view of the home in 2011. Image via Google.]

Calling all wannabe mansion owners with a need for being noticed: This garishly ornate, classically inspired Sandy Springs mansion could be worth a look. Sited on two acres on a prominent corner, just barely OTP, the home is a sight to see — and it's certainly seen by a flood of people making their way down Riverside Drive every day. Sure, the Walk Score is a staggeringly low 3, but with a five-car garage there's plenty of space for a few sweet rides. Dripping with over-the-top classical elements and featuring 12 bedrooms and 18 bathrooms, the 9,200-square-foot palace may need of a bit of TLC. In the last few years, the grounds have started to become overgrown, but with a clean-up job and a fresh coat of paint on some walls — and ceilings — the $1.5 million ask leaves the frugal millionaire plenty of room for customization.

· 6020 Riverside Dr. [Zillow]