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Georgia Bulldogs Break Ground on New Dawg House

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[The new home for Georgia football. Images by UGA via DawgNation.]

The University of Georgia broke ground this week on a fancy new indoor football practice facility. Billed simply as the "Indoor Athletic Facility" — clearly no single donor has ponied up enough of the $30 million budget to secure naming rights — the building will provide an enclosed space for the Bulldogs to practice no matter what Mother Nature throws at Athens.

Mark Richt isn't the only thing being replaced in Bulldog-ville. The facility will take the place of Woodruff Practice Fields, which were completely redone less than two years ago. Beyond just a 100-yard football field, the facility will also house a 65-meter track runway, jumping pits and a netting system that will divide up the space for multiple teams to practice simultaneously during inclement weather.

The massive building will encompass more than 109,000 square feet of space. UGA is the last of the 14 teams in the SEC to build an indoor facility for their football team, though not to be outdone, it will be the most expensive of them all. So far the boosters have raised $17 million, with the remaining funds to be secured through additional private donations. If all goes according to plan, the facility should open in less than a year.

· UGA to hold official groundbreaking for indoor facility [DawgNation]

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