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ATL Reader: Can Scottdale Get a Little Love or What?

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With so much happening across the ITP landscape, it's difficult not to overlook some game-changing projects in relatively unsung parts of town, and one advocate for Scottdale — a DeKalb community between Decatur and Interstate 285 — is tired of it. "There has been more tangible development and redevelopment in Scottdale over the last few years than what has taken place in the neighboring City of Avondale Estates," including the overhaul of Your DeKalb Farmers Market and a large project called Village at Mills Creek, reader Elgin Pritchett points out.

According to the Housing Authority of DeKalb County, the 55-acre project began in late 2014 with the demolition of 1960s-era housing projects (and relocation of residents), and redevelopment plans call for 380 units (about half reserved for seniors). Pritchett says the community is about 70 percent built and features a lake, aquatic center, townhouses, single-family homes and apartments intertwined with existing parks and athletic fields.

"Additionally, there are numerous infill residential developments taking place with new construction in the mid-$400,000 price range," wrote Pritchett. "Lastly there are plans for an iconic intown furniture store to close on a Scottdale building for their new primary location in the coming months. All in Scottdale … the next great intown neighborhood."

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